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  • League of Kingdom’s Whitepaper has Finally Released! (1/06)

    It has been awhile the team could deliver us the promises they made, and now, I announce you, $LOKA’s Whitepaper has finally released! Check out the link below. Source: https://whitepaper.playersarena.foundation/loka/ P.S. This is a summarized version sourced from the official link attached above. I dare you not start reading them, as a player myself, I […]

  • New CVC – Continent vs. Continent major revamp (12/24)

    New element like new monster, new rewards and new game playing experiences has been added. Check out the original post. Source: https://medium.com/league-of-kingdoms-eng/the-new-cvc-%EF%B8%8F-3bab674aba12

  • $LOKA community airdrop event! (12/22)

    Dear Kings, Queens, Landlords, and @everyone 👑 Welcome to the last chapter of the $LOKA community airdrop event!🥳 Now is the time to decide who wins the airdrop lottery! 🎟️ Every @Verified member of discord is eligible to participate the lottery! Anyone who are willing to participate should react with 🎉 on the message in […]

  • League of Kingdom’s Draco NFT Previews (12/21)

    After months of waiting, the LoK’s(League of Kingdoms) has finally come up with something new. LOK present you.. Draco.. Stickers! A sticker! Which, could possibly be mintable as an NFT. That isn’t bad at all. Although this may not be as exciting as owning a real dragon. But, this can be the firework on a […]

  • Server maintenance was to improve the stability of the server for the future (12/21)

    Dear Kings, Queens, Landlords, and @everyone 👑 The server maintenance was to improve the stability of the server for the future. As we are seeing exponential growth of the number of users, there has been consistent latency issues. The server maintenance is a part of several upgrades we were planning for the server and the […]