How Much Money Can You Make Per Month by Playing League of Kingdoms

As, we had previously mention. Only 2 possible ways for making money out from League of Kingdom, which are either by owning a land or by selling minted resources NFT.

Though, let’s focus on the second option, as every players including the free could achieve.


Assuming that your castle level and farm level has maxed out, everything has maxed out and resources are no longer an issue to you.


Assuming that you’re able to mint 3x NFT per day, which are based on the 8 hour limit per day placed by NPLUS.


Then, assuming every minted could be sold at the market price of $2. That will be $6 daily, and $180 per month.


Since sold NFT are paid in cryptocurrency, WETH or wrapped Ethereum. In that case, if WETH took a ride on an uptrend. Your potential gain could be more than expected!

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