How to Make Money on League of Kingdoms

Since the release of the game. Only 2 legit ways of making money are possible on League of Kingdom, which are either by generating DAI from an owned land or by selling minted NFT on marketplace like opensea or playdapp.


Generating DAI from an owned land may not seem to be lucrative for now, at least in my honest opinion, you could be making greater money on flipping the land than actually own one.


It may seems to be the truth for now, at least. I highly suggest on skipping this option, though. Knowing the fact a land now are sold at the price starting from $500, on the other side, a land could generate probably less than 2 DAI per day (depending on location).


The second option in which are minting NFT and sell them on marketplace like opensea or playdapp.


This option is more accessible to the mass, it simply require an game account, a MetaMask account, then you’re good to go, by the way. Minting is currently only available on PC, mobile user are not supported at the moment.


As of now, the only tradable NFT are introduced was, and only resources. Players with excessive resources could mint and sell them on opensea and/or playdapp.

According to the new policy recent being announced and imposed on opensea. Every item could be listed and sold at the minimum price of $2.

What that basically means is, price war could no longer or could hardly exists anymore.

Then, everyone has a fair chance to get their resources NFT sold at $2.


That’s not the end. NPLUS has previously told, probably somewhere back in March 2021. Special NFT Skin could be tradable too, yet we are waiting since.

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